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About Me


Thank you for clicking here! My name is Abby and I’m 25 years old. I graduated college with a Mechanical Engineering degree but quickly realized that was not the career for me. I’ve been working out ever since I was in high school because my mom has been a personal trainer. In high school, it was always more for fun whether it was Zumba, pilates, TRX, or playing tennis for my school team.

In college, I gained 20 lbs in my freshman year, and I really lost my self confidence. I was a Zumba instructor and I LOVED that job I had. I loved making people laugh

and loved seeing the smiles on people’s face as we were working out all together. Nobody was judging each other, they were all there for themselves. And that’s when I started to realized this was the career I wanted to go into. I wanted to make other people feel confident in themselves.

I am a certified personal trainer, and currently studying to become a certified nutrition coach. My workout guides are strength training based where we focus on lifting heavier weights a safe way to help you reach your goals.

I’m so excited to get started with you guys!

Invest in Your Health!

Do it because you love your body!